• Securing Liberty
  • Camp Liberty
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Refugee Resettlement
  • Voice for Liberty
Securing Liberty
We intend to educate the public that the Iranian regime has now become the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and it is actively supporting the outlawed groups and brutal dictatorship of Bashar Assad in Syria.
Camp Liberty
Our aim is to support Iranian asylum seekers, the 3,300 residents, including 1,000 brave women in Camp Liberty, Iraq and ensure that their basic rights are protected in accordance with international laws.
Democracy and Human Rights
The U.S. Foundation for Liberty is dedicated to promoting democracy and human rights in Iran by raising awareness about the ruling regime's gross rights abuses, including mass hangings, arbitrary arrests, torture, and brutal suppression of political dissent.
Refugee Resettlement
As part of its humanitarian activities, the The U.S. Foundation for Liberty intends to help the resettlement of Iranian refugees who have fled the repression in Iran, including thousands of refugees who reside in Camp Liberty, Iraq.
Voice for Liberty
The U.S. Foundation for Liberty intends to be a voice for liberty in Iran by sharing information with the outside world about the Iranian people's struggle for popular rule and democracy. It will especially carry out its activities via the production and expansion of satellite programs geared towards the Iranian and global audience.